Escort Danny


Algarve, Portugal

About me:

I am someone who practices and plays a high priority on hygiene My body is always clean, my hair and body always smell good and my n I am a young girl from Brasil. Don't settle by only viewing my images. In order to truly appreciate my beauty you must see me in person.I don't mean to sound conceited cause I consider myself to be humble. Nor am I saying I am the best of the most beautiful girls in the world, but I promise that if you do not feel I am the best, you will definitly feel Im one of them. I love meeting educated gentlemen.

Ligue: +351 920395021

Local Portimão, Portugal
Age 20
Color of Eyes Brown
Nacionality Brazilian
Height< 1.68m
Weigth 55kg
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Tattoo Yes
Piercing Yes
Do Anal Sex Yes
Schedule Day & Night
Price Incall: 100€
Price Outcall: 150€
Call +351 920395021
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