Escort Bia

Local Alvalade, Lisboa, Portugal
Age 32
Color of Eyes Greens
Nacionality Portuguese
Height 1.68m
Weigth 58kg
Languages English Portuguese Italian
Tattoo Yes
Piercing Yes
Do Anal Sex Yes
Schedule Day & Night
Call +351 967635466

About me:

Hello, I am in the System for 32 years, eyes green, hair blonde, I've got a face like a doll, I'm Portuguese. 

Provide outlets for hotels, motels, travel, and dining in the city of Lisbon and the surrounding area, don't move to the home.

If you appreciate a woman elegant, eye-catching, educated, and uninhibited. 

I am the girlfriend or the mistress, to the gentleman's level. 

Just for anyone who prides itself on quality, and you really want the VIP treatment.

Come on in and enjoy the moments. 

Please call me to find out the value of my prendinha. 

To find out more about me, and I will be happy to let you know. No. of the System.