Escort Millena Rodrigues

Millena Rodrigues

Braga, Portugal

About me:

Hello love. I'm Millena Rodrigues, a beautiful 25-year-old escort. I have a hot and sensual body. I am a perfect woman to fulfill all your wishes. Always willing.

In my service I provide good moments of pleasure and lust. I have fairy hands for a great tantric, relaxing or melee massage. Endings with oral or vaginal and I'm hot and wet. It will be super satiated.

Ligue: +351 966326361

Local Av. da Liberdade, Braga, Portugal
Age 27
Color of Eyes Light Brown
Nacionality Brazilian
Height< 1.60m
Weigth 65kg
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Tattoo Yes
Piercing No
Schedule Day & Night
Call +351 966326361
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Millena Rodrigues

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