Escort Julie

Local Vilamoura, Quarteira, Portugal
Age 30
Color of Eyes Brown
Nacionality Brazilian
Height 1.60m
Weigth 69kg
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Tattoo No
Piercing No
Schedule Day & Night
Call +351 939085572

About me:

Do you know what's hot today?

You in my bed, indulging in pleasure, and of course, enjoying unforgettable moments next to this brunette who is always horny, crazy to show you my more than special ability ... that oral that will addict you, and want more .. . breathtaking foreplay with hot kisses and that hot footprint you know how to give.

For those looking for an orgasm never experienced, I recommend a good massage on the couch, erotic prostatic, touching your whole body, from head to toe ... There is no such orgasm ... I am here to do what others do not, and give you the pleasure you haven't tried yet ..

The best investment, from start to finish ...

I wait for you in an exclusively private apartment, with all conditions, air conditioned with AC, parking