Escort Francisca Moura

Francisca Moura

Lisboa, Portugal

About me:

I'm Francisca, I'm Portuguese, and a sassy young woman of 22 years old, 169cm and 59kg. I'm starting out as a luxury escort, doing hotels, motels and airbnb. Every hour of my time is, 150Within 4 walls I am uninhibited, I know how to give massages, I love to give orals, and try different positions... But it doesn't end here... Call to find out more!

Ligue: +351 920142074

Local Lisboa, Portugal
Age 22
Color of Eyes Brown
Nacionality Portuguese
Height< 1.69m
Weigth 59kg
Languages English Portuguese
Tattoo Yes
Piercing No
Schedule Day & Night
Price Outcall: 150€
Call +351 920142074
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Francisca Moura

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