Escort Juliana Brandão

Juliana Brandão

Lisbon, Portugal

About me:

Hi, I'm Juliana, but you can call me ju, I'm a luxury escort all affectionate and sweet. I am 1.56 m tall and 55 kg. Your refuge of pleasure is certain and guaranteed, I am super polite, I like to talk and give and receive a lot of affection. I love a mixture of making love and fucking delicious. Get out of the routine and come do something different with me, I'll take you to the clouds with so much pleasure. I am here to spice up your routine, I will make you delirious with me, I am very hot and I will give you a lot of pleasure. I am always available to fulfill your desires, you will be addicted to me. I answer in Lisbon, call me at 937228893, let's schedule our meeting. Kisses.

Ligue: +351 937228893

Local Marquês de Pombal, Praça Marquês de Pombal, Lisboa, Portugal
Age 25
Color of Eyes Brown
Nacionality Brazilian
Height< 1.60m
Weigth 53kg
Languages Portuguese
Tattoo Yes
Piercing No
Schedule Day & Night
Call +351 937228893
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Juliana Brandão

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