Escort Luiza Marcato

Luiza Marcato

Lisbon, Portugal

About me:

Hey how's it going? Let me introduce myself!  I'm a creator of digital content, I make some appearances on Rede TV: Pegadinhas do João Kleber and Teste de Fidelidade. I also participated in California TV, on the cover of Diamond Brazil, representing Qatar in the Bela da Copa competition. I am Top 1.3% worldwide in Only Fans and Top 99.92% in Privacy.

Local Avenida Duque de Loulé, Lisboa, Portugal
Age 27
Color of Eyes Greens
Nacionality Brazilian
Height< 1.62m
Weigth 61kg
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Tattoo Yes
Piercing No
Do Anal Sex Yes
Schedule Day & Night
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Luiza Marcato

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