Escort Esthefani 🌺

Esthefani 🌺

Lisboa, Portugal

About me:


Hello my love, nice to have you here.

 My name is Isis, I'm 24 years old, just arrived in Lisbon.
 If you are looking for love and pleasure here I am.  Extremely outgoing, I'm an excellent option for men with good taste, I'm not just a pretty face haha ​​but a good company too, I love to enjoy good times together.
 Prioritize a good preliminary...

 If you liked me, contact me my love, I'm sure we will have fun.


Ligue: +351 969250709

Local Avenida da Liberdade, Lisboa, Portugal
Age 22
Color of Eyes Brown
Nacionality Brazilian
Height< 1.62m
Weigth 53kg
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Tattoo Yes
Piercing No
Do Anal Sex Yes
Schedule Day & Night
Call +351 969250709
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Esthefani 🌺

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[email protected] (5 )
Que maravilha 1h de sonho mulher perfeita e de chorar por mais deixa te de rastos. 2022-05-10 10:46:31

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