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Setubal, Portugal

About me:

You bastards from Setubal, you asked for it, and I got here! If you like and want to have a 5 star woman, top of the line, this is the opportunity. I guarantee maximum pleasure and horny. I'm Júlia, 26 years old, Brazilian, 1, 74m, considered "golden pussy" by the countries I made season, I drive men crazy in bed, between the sheets, I love a good sex. Sculptural body, firm and succulent breasts. Come have a crazy pleasure with me, I can do the girlfriend or whore style in bed. I love male with naughty footprint. .Contact via whatsaap 924713934, as soon as I can I will give you a return.I hope to see you soon in my bed.

Ligue: +351 924713934

Local Faro, Portugal
Age 26
Color of Eyes Light Brown
Nacionality Brazilian
Height< 1.74m
Weigth 63kg
Languages English Spanish Portuguese
Tattoo No
Piercing No
Schedule Day & Night
Price Incall: 80€
Price Outcall: 120€
Call +351 924713934
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