Artigo: Finding pleasure in masturbation

Finding pleasure in masturbation

Given the socio-economic circumstances that we live in today, not all people have an amount destined to search for luxury escorts. But sex (and sexual pleasure) are natural human necessities. So, what to do in these situations? A vow of celibacy and not getting sexual pleasure just because you can't afford the services of a luxury escort? Forget that idea! In this article we will show you what options you have at your disposal so that you never miss your daily dose of pleasure!

Now, what is the easiest and cheapest - or even free - way to provide pleasure to yourself? If you immediately thought about masturbation, then you were right! There is no concrete study on the matter or statistics 100% certain to confirm the truth of this statement, but it is estimated that more than 50% of the world population practices the act of masturbation at a daily basis. And the vast majority do not even do it for lack of money, but only for pleasure - and here is the secret: masturbation is, in fact, a pleasant, relaxing activity and that increases the levels of good mood.

The main techniques of masturbation

In this section we will present different masturbation techniques in order to be able to vary the way you practice it and thus not having to resort to the same technique every time:

Rotating movements at the tip of the penis

With the palm of your hand properly lubricated, make circulatory movements at the tip of the penis (as if you were turning a door knob). Change the direction your hand rotates and, in the end, we guarantee a very pleasurable orgasm.

Small touches on the glans

Normally masturbate until you notice that your glans has a good amount of blood stored - it is very swollen and red. At that time, stimulate the glans with small touches with your fingertips until you reach orgasm.

Scrotal stimulation

This technique is quite identical to conventional masturbation, with the difference that you will use one hand for penile masturbation and the other for stimulation of the scrotum. Here too, it is advisable to use lubricant to improve the experience.

Use of masturbators

Obviously, we could not ignore masturbation using artificial masturbators. This will be the most expensive option of all that we have presented in this list, but the investment that is made is considerably reduced when compared to the services of a luxury escort. Lubrication is also very important here.

Traditional Masturbation

Traditional masturbation is and always will be a valid, quick and effective option. In order to make this technique more pleasurable, we advise you to use plenty of lubricant, in this way it will make your experience more "wet".

Now that you know some masturbation techniques, put some or all of them into practice and tell us about your experience down here in the comment box.