The best sites for camming

The best sites for camming
Criado em 04 Mar 2021

When it comes to online work, camming is a controversial subject and opinions are divided. If it is true that many people make good money from this practice, it is no less true that others spend hours behind a camera and the remuneration is practically nil. But the reality is somewhere between these two edges.

Normally, people are able to recover the values they invest in this practice and much is due to the previously recorded content. This means that it is not necessary to be 24 hours a day waiting for "customers" to enter the chat rooms. Most camming platforms allow this practice and the customer only has to pay a fixed fee per month to access the content and schedule individual interactions, so that those who work in this area, can know when they should be behind the camera.

Below, we have listed the best camming sites and what advantages they have:


This site is very popular and usually has a lot of traffic, so if you decide to use it, you will almost certainly have some customers. This site also allows public events, which are great for those who have fan clubs.


It is the best known of all the sites that we will list here and has an excellent reputation. Contrary to the general idea, this is not a site with strictly explicit content. It is one of the few sites that have apps for Android and iOS, which allows models to make and receive calls and VOIP messages, all within the LiveJasmin platform. Due to the general adult nature of the website, these apps are blocked in the app stores, but can be installed manually following the website's instructions.

Bonga Cams

With a respectable volume of traffic, this site offers features, protections and guarantees for models that other sites of its kind do not offer. It also issues DMCA complaints on behalf of the models, in case their content is pirated. This is a great advantage!


This site is one of the oldest in this business, having been in operation since 2007. It has an excellent integration configuration for new artists, so it is one of the best options for those who are just starting out. It also has a lot of traffic and there was an increase in the number of new users during the pandemic period.


One of the leading sites in the industry and with the easiest registration (and approval) process. Most users can start broadcasting the same day they send their documentation. It has several resources, including individual programs (camera to camera), VOD, among many other options.

There are numerous options available on the market. We hope this article has been helpful and can help you decide on the best platform.

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