How to get out of routine in marriage?

How to get out of routine in marriage?
Criado em 11 Sep 2019

If you are tired of the same kind of sex everyday and want to get out of your routine, know that this is quite possible as long as there is some effort on both sides. The sight of a marriage that is always perfect is utopian. The intention is what matters the most: know that you must be careful not to confuse the reduction of love with routine, many people do it and seek to fix what has no solution. Watch out, don't let your marriage get to this point.

For a couple to get out of the routine, nothing better than a good dose of sex, full of desire and pleasure. Do this to find out the benefits of a good relationship.

How to get out of routine in sex?

If you are tired of routine, know that sex is the best way to make up for everything and get it back to its proper place. There is no way you can reach new places taking the same path everytime, sex is a conductor of electricity for the relationship, do not be afraid to make mistakes trying to get it right.
Why don't you try new positions with your partner? We are not judging the positions, but many men after some time of marriage end up putting aside the innovations in sex. Stop making room for desire for someone else, enjoy sex with your wife as if she's not yours; as if you desperately need to win her over and make her horny for you.

Visit a sex shop

This is a solution to be taken seriously: visiting a sex shop with your partner can change the whole direction of the relationship. Maybe both of you discover there a new fetish or a new passion. All of this must be shared and enjoyed together, failing to do so is unlucky. Don't be afraid to fulfill her fantasies, since many men would give anything to fulfill their wife's fantasies. Know that she deserves to have someone who meets her needs and desires. Be that person, you don't want to lose her, do you?

Make her feel desired

The big problem with some men is that they believe that women feel beautiful and hot on their own, that's not true. Women need compliments, they need to be spoiled. As silly as that sounds, the truth is that she wants you to say how much you desire her; accept it while there is time and satisfy your partner's ego. Pamper the woman you want to be with, no matter how much the marriage is no longer the same and some problems have already rolled out, you can always go back and fix everything that has become messy. Do not lose hope in your marriage, after all, if separation happens, both will miss, from sex to affection, this is proven.

Now that you know how to get out of your routine, abuse it and make your wedding a better place.

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