The Biggest Women Sex Fantasies

The Biggest Women Sex Fantasies
Criado em 14 Oct 2019

It is a mistake to believe that women do not have sexual fetishes. Not only they have, but in some cases they are much bigger than men's. It is a fact that men's sexual fantasies are already a huge cliché: nurse, maid, submissive, etc. Now, women's desires... some are more common and some are more different. Discover some of them and try them out youth your partner.

Men in suit

Men in suits are a common fantasy in many women. Yes, clothes can make people fantasize, so perhaps this is a good time to take your partner to a formal, well-scented dinner, dressed in a nice suit. She will get immediatly very attracted to you.

Having experiences with other women

A great percentage of straight women tend to fantasize with having sexual experiences with other women. And it is not like it used to be said - "oh... that's an idea we get when attending school" - no! Women do reaaly fantasize about this and it is absolutly natural. It is also a great way to get to improve your sexual life and you should not be ashamed of it.


This is a more dangerous practice, women tend to deny the desire to have sex in public places. This is not always about having sex in front of other people, but in dangerous places. A balcony at night, in the car, in a washroom, etc.

Tied Up

As much as some women are afraid of this practice, most of them claim it is very desired. It's always a good idea to suggest this to your partner.

Sexual fantasies

Now we talk about the fantasies themselves, the most common ones like teacher and student, cop and thug... all of these things can be exciting, depending on the intimacy within the relationship. Visit a sex shop and buy some items to get your sex life out of the routine. It will boost your excitement. With some changes it is possible to get the best results. Couples whit an active and happy sexual life lives much better. Take care of your sex life and prioritize your partner's desires.

Now that you know the biggest female sex fantasies, put it into practice and enjoy success!

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